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Rummy ScorePad 2

As a player of Progressive Rummy or "May I", score keeping was often a chore that no one wanted.  Add in that it was hard to keep track of the progressing of hands and I saw the need for an app to help out.


Main screen

The app is easy to use and you can quickly discover what buttons do what.  Here's a quick primer.


  • New - Starts a new game
  • Add - Adds players.  To remove a player just tap on the name and erase the name
  • The goal for the current round is at the top center

  • After the round finishes, tap the arrow buttons to change the points for that round
  • The single arrow buttons < and > change the score down and up by 5
  • The double arrow buttons « and » change the score by 25
  • Tap the buttons until the correct points for each player is displayed
  • Only one player can win a round so the Next button will stay disabled until only the points for only one player is zero
  • Tap Next to advance to the next round
  • If you discover a mistake, tap Previous to return to the prior round
  • After the last round, "Three Runs" the player with the lowest score is declared the winner!


Info Screen

Tapping the info button (lower left corner of the main screen) shows the credits page and lets you turn off the sound effects.

 Please use the Email button to send in questions or suggestions for future versions!