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Oh Hell ScorePad 2

I wrote this app because I love to play the card game Oh Hell!  and I hate keeping score with a pen and paper.  Now you can easily manage the bids, tricks taken and scoring for the game.  It even permanently tracks player statistics so you track how you improve playing the game.

I released the original "Oh Hell ScorePad" back in May 2009.  It was limited to a maximum of five players so I created this new expanded version.  Of course the classic ScorePad is still available if you prefer that style.

Main Screen

Use this screen to enter bids and tricks.  

  • Tap + to add new players.  Clear the player name to remove them.
  • The gold background shows the current phase of the game.  
  • For the Bid phase tap  the player button to increment the bid.  
  • Tap the -+ on the bottom to switch adding / subtracting bids
  • The current dealer is shown above the player name
  • The highest score is highlighted

Customized Hands

There are a number of variations on how hands are played in Oh Hell.  

Standard allows customization of the hand while Romanian has a fixed setup based on the number of players.

  • If you're playing with more than five people you can reduce the number of cards per hand.
  • If you want to play "Up and down the river" enter 2 rounds
  • For a fun twist, try the Indian Round where you don't look at your own card but instead hold the card up to your forehead for everyone else to see.  Bid based on what everyone else has!

Customized Scoring

There are SO many ways of handling scoring in Oh Hell.  Use this page to set the rules for when you take too many, too few or just the right number of cards.  The summary for each set of rules is below the button for changing those rules.

  • Turn on Force bids to bust to prevent players from bidding the exact number of available tricks
  • Let players get greedy with Take everything get 2x points

  Tap OverBid, OnBid or UnderBid to display a page for setting the rules.  

Collecting the number of tricks that you bid always gains a reward.  For the standard rules of bid + 10 points, select Multiplier and enter 1.  The screenshot shows a fun variation where a winning big gets the square of the bid encouraging players to bid big!

Points for a Bid of zero lets you penalize players to taking the lesser risk of bidding zero by rewarding only half the usual points.  If you don't agree with that rule, left it at Full

 The UnderBid and OverBid screens are similar.  Select if you want to add points Reward or subtract points Penalty.  The formula is listed with an example.


The statistics page shows details about how you have been playing.  Statistics are permanently saved for each player.  If you miss a few games, ScorePad 2 remembers all your vital info for when do return. 

Then again if you aren't happy with your statistics, Reset will set them back to zero for a fresh start.