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Oh Hell ScorePad2 v2.0

Posted by WonderWare on December 29, 2013 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (4)

Oh Hell ScorePad2 v2.0 added several new features such as a more flexible scoring system where you can select any of trick types for under/over bids.  (0, Bid, Taken Bid-Taken)  

I also added the ability to change the order of players.  Simply tap the Move button in the upper right corner, drag to change the order and tap Done when finished.  Note that the Dealer indicator doesn't move so can drag the name of the current dealer to the correct position.


Oh Hell ScorePad2 v2.1

Posted by WonderWare on December 28, 2013 at 1:00 PM Comments comments (0)

It looks like a few naughty bugs made their way into the last update for Oh Hell ScorePad2 which affect the selection of some of the rule settings for scoring. I have a fix which will be posted as soon as Apple gets back from the Christmas break.


I've also added a new scoring method suggested by Aaron where you can add or subtract the bonus for underbid or overbid. This lets you add tricks taken yet subtract 5 at the same time. Now you have even more scoring flexibility!

Rummy ScorePad 2 v1.3

Posted by WonderWare on December 5, 2013 at 9:45 PM Comments comments (0)

I'm working on more enhancements to the Rummy Scorepad.  The new version will allow you to move back to any previous turn all the way to the beginning of the game so you can check scores.  Player statistics are also being added so you can keep track of how many games you have won, lost and much more.

The new version will be ready before Christmas!

Rummy ScorePad 2 v1.2

Posted by WonderWare on November 6, 2013 at 9:40 PM Comments comments (0)

It's been a while since I published Rummy ScorePad 2.  It appears that running Rummy ScorePad 2 under iOS 7 is broken!  "New Game" doesn't start one!  We can't have that so I've dug into the code fix the problem and refresh the app at the same time.

Since Rummy has such a wide range of potential points for each round, it was a challenge to find a quick way to enter points.  The original design was to use a slider control along with "fine tuning" button on the ends.  Sadly the available space made the slider somewhat difficult to use reducing it from being a "quick" way to just a "way".

To address the problem I've removed the slider and replaced it with a set of four buttons.  The buttons with a normal arrow change the score by 5.  The buttons with a double arrow change the score by 25.  The combination of these buttons make is quick and easy to enter a variety of scores.

I also received a request to support negative scores.  The lower limit for the points each round now permits values below zero.

Version 1.2 with these features is currently being tested by Apple and should be released shortly.


Oh Hell ScorePad 2 v1.8 coming soon!

Posted by WonderWare on December 3, 2012 at 11:15 PM Comments comments (1)

Many appologies over the long time it has taken to get this update out.  I wasn't even aware of the scoring bug until I received an email about it last week.  I now see there was a post in the comment section over a year ago!  :(  So sorry!!

Good news is that I have fixed the bug as well as did some minor enhancements to the program.  Help looks much better and everything should work well with the new larger iPhone5.

I'm in the process of developing a special version of ScorePad for the iPad.  More details coming soon!

Oh Hell ScorePad 2 update 1.6 is live!

Posted by WonderWare on August 26, 2010 at 1:05 PM Comments comments (8)

It took Apple a week to approve but the new update is available on the App store.


1.6 Scoring Changes

Posted by WonderWare on August 7, 2010 at 9:31 PM Comments comments (1)

I did a careful review of how the scoring system in Oh Hell ScorePad 2 and I've decided to both simplify and be more complete.  Nice trick, eh?

The penalty structure for both overbid and underbid have the choices of 0, bid and taken.  I know some of you missed being able to use bid for penalty and this new version will fix that.  I also saw, frankly bizarre formulas of "Diff" for penalty.  I do use the "Taken-Bid" formula for rewards on underbid but never for penalty.  Those diff variations will be removed from penalty leaving a simple 3 choices:  0, bid, taken

The reward structure is also being revised for overbid and underbid.  Overbid will just have the choice of 0 or Taken.  It didn't make sense to reward based on bid.  Underbid has those same choices and the third mentioned before of "Taken-Bid".  That one is to encourage players who go over to grab everything they can but not reward them so heavily so they try to do so every turn.

The new round structure for how the game is dealt is working out nicely.  You can still play the simple 10 to 1 game, up and down the river or even a tournement session where you go up and down several times!

I expect to be submitting this update to Apple in the next few days.  Enjoy!

1.6 Update in the works

Posted by WonderWare on August 4, 2010 at 8:27 AM Comments comments (0)

I'm working on the next update for Oh Hell ScorePad 2.  New features:

  • Support for multiple rounds
    Somtimes going "up and down the river" once isn't enough.  (10 - 1 - 10)
    Select 1 round and you'll just go 10 - 1.
    2 rounds and you'll go 10 - 1 - 10
    4 rounds for 10 - 1 - 10 - 1 - 10

  • Fix to UnderBid penalty scoring
    It was pointed out that the UnderBid penalty should be subtracting the Bid not Taken

  • Fix some display issues on the scoring display
    The example formula didn't update properly in some cases.

Please comment on any other features you want me to consider!

Next button disabled?

Posted by WonderWare on February 25, 2010 at 8:13 AM Comments comments (0)

When you use the Progressive Rummy ScorePad app you may notice that the Next button is sometimes disabled.  This was a feature request to prevent scoring errors.  Since there can only be one winner for a round of rummy, the Next button stays disabled until only a single player has a score of zero for the round.  At that point Next will enable and you can go to the next round.

Version 1.5 of Oh Hell ScorePad 2

Posted by WonderWare on January 18, 2010 at 7:40 AM Comments comments (3)

I'm regularly amazed at just how many different ways there are to score in Oh Hell.  I thought I had all the bases covered but your emails told me otherwise.  Version 1.5 adds support for "German Bridge" scoring as well as a new bonus point system based on the number of cards.

German Bridge

This type of scoring adds a new penalty calculation based on the difference between the number of cards bid and taken squared.  In short it is:

(Bid - Taken) x (Bid - Taken)

I struggled to come up with a label short enough to fit on the button selecting scoring styles and the best I could come up with was "Diff ^ 2".  Hopefully the example showing the calculation will clear up any confusion.  The On Bid calculation already supported the bid squared calculation so no change was needed for that.

Bonus Points

One interesting variation suggested that instead of using a flat 10 points as the On Bid bonus to instead base it on the number of cards for that round.  It does make sense considering that with the smaller hands, the bonus tends to overwhelm the correct bid.  Therere is a new switch allowing you to use the number of cards for the hand instead of a flat bonus.

Hopefully these changes will keep you all scoring the way you would like.  As always, feel free to comment here or send me email with your suggestions!